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Who is Skye Rae Dawning

A touch medicine practitioner


Skye Rae Dawning is devoted to a powerful path of healing through being a bridge to help people return to the power of their sacred hearts by offering sanctuary in her unique massage practice, Etheric Touch.

Skye has been on an intense journey of restoring harmony and healing all her life as she has been able to experience what it is like to crawl out of the depths of dis-ease and darkness only to wake up to the Oneness of light and love.

  Since Skye was a child, she has had a strong magnetism to touch her human and non human family for as long as she could remember. Through a vision she had in 2013, she became fully aware of what her purpose and soul mission is. She followed her calling and began her training and education as a healing practitioner through the Colorado School of Healing Arts, where she learned massage therapy modalities and energetic specialties. This includes, but not limited to: Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Trauma Touch and Healing Touch. Soon after she graduated as a professional massage therapist, she created a style of touch that integrates breath and intuition which allows one to melt and surrender into the undying love of all that is. 

With an open heart and a nourishing touch, Skye guides and inspires her clients to return their awareness back to their hearts and bodies through deep breathing. This facilitates a trance-like state to explore inner realms of consciousness. Skye’s offering and gift to this world can not be comprehended with the logical mind, but rather felt with the heart and soul of her clients.

As a conduit of the divine feminine, Skye invites you to explore the horizons of what massage can be and assist you on your healing journey.

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