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What is Etheric Touch?

Etheric Touch is a culmination of different healing art modalities practiced and cultivated by Skye Rae Dawning. 

One is offered sanctuary in order to go deeper into awareness through mediums of divine touch of relaxation, conscious and empowered dialogue, readings and energy cleansing to remember who they are and why they’ve come here to this planet at this significant time. 

Etheric Touch, in its many forms, offers a unique flavor and more sustenance than your average massage. When one does come to receive Etheric Touch, they are saying yes to being ready in opening deeper aspects of themselves. This then creates an opportunity for a harmonious life. 

Etheric Touch not only offers massage but also complementary enhanced treatments intuitively designed to each individual’s needs that supports their journey.

Etheric Touch is medicine because it has the capability to take one as far as they're willing to go. 

Etheric Touch needs to be experienced in order to be truly understood.

“ You can not fake resonance my friend. It is not something that you can think and logically try to make sense of. It is felt in the body and a strong knowing in the heart.” - Skye Rae Dawning

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Why is Etheric Touch important?

A new perspective

In this time right now we are shifting into a higher state of being, individually, collectively, and planetarily where the world we have been used to tolerating is changing rapidly. Many of us are having a strong call to awaken to the depths of what this life actually offers us. Along this path of awakening to divine truth and authentic love we may be experiencing a shift in what we believed served us no longer gives us the satisfaction on a soul level. Now we are being asked to understand that there is more to this life than what our culture and society has formed us into believing. Being conditioned under living in a constant state of survival and the dense and heavy expectations that have been placed upon us is now transforming into something that is uncovering deeper resonance that has been long forgotten. With this, there are many shifts happening not only in the external world around us but strongly impacting and influencing our internal world as well. Where thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have been deeply repressed and buried are now arising and surfacing in order to be brought to awareness and transmuted back into light so to be released making way for the new that is aligned with the sovereign pathway of returning to divinity. There comes a point in life when some can feel like we don’t belong here anymore or something is wrong with us. Maybe we feel like we are not apart of this world anymore resulting in feelings of being lost or all alone and in need of guidance as to what is truly nourishing and supportive in the direction of growth into beautiful places in our life that is paved with grace, trust and truth. 
How do we do this? First, we must understand that it is okay to ask for help and that we are working with so many layers, the body, mind, heart and spirit combined. In order to expand in the idea of living the best life possible, one must be in a relaxed, receptive and focused state of mind and being. Etheric Touch is here to help in achieving this state with all the tools Skye has collected and is able to offer at this time. As humans we need to be able to confide in someone who can truly hold a compassionate and uplifting space for one to be given an opportunity to attain higher perspectives and also receive an incredible touch that allows one to fully surrender to the Divine Feminine archetype and activate dormant healing energies within.

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