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My Etheric Services

Presence with Reverence

Get in touch with Skye today to start integrating and healing your mind, body, and soul.

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Etheric Services and Sessions: Services

Integrated Massage Therapy

Integrative massage Therapy:

Traditional table massage including deep tissue, swedish, and myofascial release techniques in the Etheric Touch style.

1 hr | $111
90 min | $155
2 hrs | $222
3 hrs | $333


Ceremonial Massage

An intuitive integrative session that includes intention setting, heart-opening cacao medicine, sound healing and grounded massage on a mat to connect to the Earth. I will lead you into a journey that can open you up to your most Divine self by helping you remember who you really are.
(This type of session is one of my most favorites to facilitate!)
1 hr | $133
90 min | $188
2 hrs | $266


Cranial Sacral

This type of session is very gentle, inducing a deeply rested relaxation. Cranial Sacral includes very light pressure that focuses on the cranial bones, spinal column, sacrum/ tail bone and underlying structures. This technique helps creates ease in the body by softening any restrictions on the subtlest level to restore the natural position of the bones creating more balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Back Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

This is a focused work using light pressure that gently drains fluid out of your tissues and into the lymph nodes. This process assists bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms to be destroyed. It reduces swelling and pain and stimulates your immune system.
Lymphatic Drainage can be highly detoxing, therefore it is best to schedule when you have a day or two to fully rest and nourish yourself.
1 hr | $88
90 min | $118


Metamorphic Intuitional Flow

This is a three hour session that is truly more in dept that can include anything that comes through that is meant for you in this special session. This can include more dialogue and also not be limited to my services listings such as eye gazing,  chakra focus, breathing, assisted stretching, Toning, Guided Mediation, Massage, Cord cutting, and soul counseling and anything else that is meant for you in this long and unique session.
3 hrs | $333


Ethereal Session

A two part session that begins with  a reading to offer clarity, guidance, and awareness that is needed and then the second part moves into a melting massage where any worries, doubts, and fears will dissolve leaving you refreshed, embodied and more supported in shifted perception.

90 min | $144

Hot Stones

 Hot Stone Massage & Hyrdostone Massage

HOT STONES: Hot basalt stones are integrated harmoniously together with a lovely oil massage session. Bringing the Elements of Fire, Water, and Earth adds another delicious layer to the session.  This type of session is so incredibly yummy and truly melts away any stresses, worries or tension. 

HYDROSTONE: A hot stone massage with a balance of cold marble stones. This is a whole new experience of hot and cold therapy added to a massage.

1 hr | $144

90 min | $216

2 hrs | $288

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