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The service offered was empowering, nourishing, and rejuvenating. Skye completely embodies the Divine Feminine in the service in which she offers, through a touch that is as the name describes.. Etheric. Completely present and immersed in the healing powers of massage, she takes you on a journey of relaxation towards the true power of your own being. Diving deep, allowing you to completely let go, into the safe space and power of touch and connection that we each are capable of. There were many realizations of my own body and practice through the energy filled room, which Skye helps bring out.
There is a tanscendle language beyond anything we are capable of understanding, and she brought me into that realm of being without a second guess. There are no other words but DIVINE. I will be returning for further healing work.❤️

Evan Price

My healing experience with Skye was an one to remember. The space felt so nice with good energy, low warm lighting & relaxing music. I immediately felt peaceful & I was very pleased by her intuitive touch that left me feeling Amazing. I would recommend her to anybody and look forward to the next time I get to experience her healing hands.

Rico Riconekt Padilla

Skye aka Etheric Touch is a highly talented massage and energetic healer. her way with her human body and her space-holding abilities allowed me to fully relax and rejuvenate during our sessions. Much Love 5/5 Stars :)

Kevin Oroszlan

Exquisite is all I can say. Skye is by far the most invigorating masseuse i've ever had the pleasure to encounter, I've been seeing Skye now for about ten months and it only gets better and better with each ritual. I like to call massages rituals because they are much better then any massage, and are truly a ritual in itself. If you ever get the opportunity to accept a massage from Skye, don't pass it up, it;s unforgettable. She is the most talented woman I've had the pleasure to meet. I always anticipate our next meeting.


A space has been opening to focus my energy and to receive guidance, and the universe provided Skye as a catalyst for that. Her insightful tarot interpretation reflected current overarching themes in my life. In the days since, I have had heightened awareness for internal understanding and knowing and in my perception of the external. This awareness has unlocked greater capacity to move forward on my path in a very real and intentional way. Overall, the session was a unique and transcendent experience and I am so grateful our paths crossed!


Being a massage therapist myself, I appreciate a great massage. But Skye's massage goes beyond great. She integrates many techniques that helped ease my neck pain and stretch my spine. her work is centered and grounded.. and feels soooo good! I seriously melted in her hands.

Christina Bent

Skye has ANGEL hands. I was blessed to receive a 90+ minute session with her, and I felt GREAT afterwards. This SO transcends a typical 'massage'.

Jordan Bowditch

Wow! What an amazing, healing and rejuvenating experience! Skye has magic hands and an intuitive touch. Thank you for sharing your positive energy.

Jordan New

My interaction with Skye was fluid from the minute she greeted me upon arrival with a glowing smile and vibrant disposition, making me feel right at home as she described her process and the steps of dropping into the experience with calm and grounded energy. Skye was intentional with her space and time every step of the way. She set the tone with peaceful music a bouquet of aromatic incense, cleansing herbs and candles. The space felt safe, warm and inviting with well curated textures that helped me relax. The cards she pulled from her tarot paved the way for the process and helped me focus my energy accordingly. Her massage table feels like an alter for the body which pairs well with her sacred touch. Her intuitive and flowing movements found all the pockets that needed attention and brought them into my field of focus so that I could integrate breathe and feel my heart center really open up.
I especially appreciated the thoughtful and thorough space of two uninterrupted hours she held for our session. I look forward to more sessions with her healing and deeply feminine form. So thankful to have experienced such a revitalizing and tranquil oasis perfectly curated by the transcendent soul that is Skye.

Austin Doran

I have been to numerous massage therapists over the years and I am so grateful to find Skye. She addresses my sciatica and osteoarthritis like no else. She is also one of the most caring and loving persons I have ever met, plus an exceptional healing therapist. Highly Recommend!

Dean Cockroft

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