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Etheric Touch

Experience a touch that gives you an opportunity to completely melt away the tension and surrender into the undying love of all that is!

Etheric Touch is an art form of Divine Healing expression and creative play. Skye provides a safe touch that allows one to completely let go of their mind and body to the present moment by releasing any physical, mental, and emotional congestion while providing blissful relaxation, serenity and pure awareness. 


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"Almost exactly 1 year ago I was the blessed recipient of an Etheric Session with Skye. Reflecting back now, to say it was life-changing doesn't even come close to articulating the catalyst Skye was for me.

I was completely lost. I had lost my Self, my identity, my spirituality, my passion for life and love. I had lost purpose and direction in life, completely and entirely.

I barely made it into her room before the flood gates of emotion opened. I explained as best I could where I was at in life. The cards, her words, and her Essence reflected back to me where I was in that moment, where I needed to go, and the tremendously imminent changes that had to be made to get there. Afterwards I laid on her table... I don't even know how to describe what she did, and I'm pretty damn good with words, but I'll give it my best shot... She massaged my soul, my energetic field and the connection between them. She combed through my energy, using my body as the medium, wringing out the deepest darkest corners of stagnancy. When she was done, I knew something profound had taken place. although i really had no idea at that point exactly how she had helped me, I knew that I wasn't the same person that walked in that room. I must have thanked her and hugged 10 times at least, tears streaming down my face.

After I left I was tired.... REALLY tired. I felt like I had been torn apart and pieced back together..... which I think on an energetic level is pretty accurate. I made the changes we talked about. I faced the darkest parts of my Self I had been hiding behind for way too long. I did the excruciatingly painful and difficult inner work that needed to be done..... and here I stand 1 year later, an entirely different person. I found my passion. I found my purpose. I created my own happiness and constructed the life and relationships I want and deserve. I shifted my perspective and this shifted me back to my soul's true path.

There are no words, no amount of money, nothing at all on this physical plane that can express the gratitude I have for this incredible soul and the work she does. The closest I can come with words is....

Namaste 💖🙏💖" - Natalie Franks

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